KNOLSKAPE solutions place learner experience at the core of the solution design. To cater to the diverse needs of the modern learner, all of our solutions can be delivered through a combination of one or more channels for effectiveness, accelerated learning and engagement.

Facilitator-led classroom sessions

Technological advancements do not replace hi-touch, hyper-personal learning experiences that classroom sessions provide. Our facilitator-led, in-person mode of delivery allows for hi-touch learning, engagement, and coaching.

Facilitator-led virtual sessions

Structured learning interventions can be difficult to orchestrate for geographically dispersed audiences. Facilitator-led virtual learning allows for learning at scale, while minimizing logistical hassles and costs.


The modern learner learns best when driving their own learning experience. To facilitate this need, KNOLSKAPE offers learner-led, anytime-anywhere access to world-class content geared to help learners lead themselves and others.

Blended Learning

Blended, omni-channel learning offers much-needed flexilibity in designing developmental solutions. This is achieved by combining classroom, virtual, self paced and mobile based learning based on each organization's need, culture and environment.


Immersive Gamification for greater Engagement

Anytime and Anywhere Learning

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